Am I what You’re Looking For?

There are so many talented photographers out there and it's hard to decide who to book with, especially when the pictures are all so pretty and it's hard to know if you're making the right choice or not! That said, I want you to be 100% confident and comfortable moving forward, whether it's with me or someone else. And I'm not here to convince you that I'm the right photographer for you either, only you can decide that, but I will give you the reasons why I love and am good at what I do.

i cherish your story

When couples open up to me about their childhood stories, family heritage, Grandmother's famous pecan pie, or how cute their dog is when he curls up in between them in bed at night, I just melt. Traditions, sentimental stories and heirlooms of any kind just get me every time. I want to know all about what's important to you. It's how we'll get closer and feel more comfortable together when the wedding day comes! I want to follow you guys on Instagram and get a peek into your life, learn about your cocktails of choice, favorite places to hang out on the weekends, and all of the hidden gem restaurants are that you like to go to to just try absolutely everything (if you're like me!). I realize you're not here for a new friend, you're here to hire a photographer, but it's in my heart to connect with you both, which will in turn allow you to fall even more in love with your photos. Trust me. Because if I felt like a stranger on the day of your wedding, you won't act as natural and will be able to just ignore me in the corner while I capture you both just being yourselves. And I mean of course if we happen to become friends along the way, than I'm all about it. :) 

good vibes only

I'm pretty chill with a laid back and happy countenance, always looking forward to connecting with others and mingle with people whether they've been in my life for years or I just met for the first time. I've got a good sense of others' feelings, personalities, and dynamics which comes in handy especially on a wedding day. And as an extrovert, I'm not afraid to talk to anyone and everyone, being assertive when necessary (family formals or a buzzed bridal party!) and making sure I'm taking control of the situation I've been given. 

knowledge & education

In an age where anything can be taught or learned via YouTube, I am proud to say that I actually went to school to become a photographer. It's something I wanted to do from a very young age, and worked hard to accomplish my education. Though I'm always learning, I'm confident in my skills and proud of the growth I've had in the constant path of perfecting my trade in the past near-decade of being in wedding photography.

nothing unnecessary

You're here for photographs and a pleasant, pretty simple and straight-forward experience along the way, yes? And you're interested in having the digital files with the ability to not only make prints but also share them on social media to all of your friends and family too, right? Well that's what I'm going to give you. No bells and whistles, extra sparkles and glitz, just me, my camera, and you guys. That's all we need to make this magic happen! And as far as the business-oriented things go, I keep all of that easy too, with online invoicing and payments, and communication via email. 

customized timeline planning

Weddings have potential to be incredibly stressful but they seriously don't have to be. One thing I make sure to be a part of early on in the booking process is the Timeline planning. I've photographed and attended so many weddings (way more than I can count) and have pretty much experienced it all, so it gives me a great deal of insight for ensuring your day is planned out with as much time for everything as we need, with some wiggle room in-between. I'll create a sample timeline for you to use throughout the planning months in correspondence with your other vendors, and then about 6 weeks prior to the wedding day, we'll solidify the timeline together. I’ll create a master copy for you two, your bridal party and families, your other vendors, and myself. It's so important for you both to feel stress-free about the timeline when the wedding day arrives, otherwise you may find yourself feeling confused about what happens next, stressed out, and nervous - I want you to enjoy every moment and soak it all in... 

attention to detail

I do my best to look for those tiny little things that disrupt the cleanliness or perfection in a photo like hairbands around wrists, necklaces clasps not being hidden behind the neck, crooked bow-ties, uneven pant legs, and obtrusive background objects that distract from the intentional and creative context of an image. Of course not every photo is meant to be "perfect", but I do have a keen eye for detail, imperfections, and simplifying an image to only include what I find to be necessary. And I respectfully do my best to remove what I find to be distracting before I take a photograph in as much of an unobtrusive and very casual, polite way as I can. :)

keeping my edits true-to-life

I personally edit every photo I deliver to my couples, enhancing the colors a bit, adding a little contrast, and touching things up to refine what's already been captured. To "Photo-Shop" and retouch every image would take hours, weeks, and months to return the images back, so though I carefully go through every image and spend time perfecting them, I try to do so in a timely and efficient manor. I do offer specialized image retouching, with additional cost depending on the requested retouch and time involved. But when I see the images, I already see them as beautiful memories that, in my opinion, shouldn't need to be extensively altered with filters, muted colors, and overly processed edits that differ from the look of those memories kept in your mind and hearts. I want to keep my photos as close to the way each moment looked in real life.