Smith Family Easter 2019

We spent this Easter with the Smiths at Tracy (my father-in-law’s sister) and Mark’s house with pretty much everyone.. we were missing a few, who are always missed, but it was such a great day together. It was supposed to be storming all weekend but the weather couldn’t have been more beautiful!

Tracy and Mark prepared Chicken Piccata, ham, fluffy rolls, and carrot bundles for us, all of which were amazing of course. We brought a nice big salad, Dan and Carla brought deviled eggs, Tracy and Mark’s friends Kristen and Steve brought Scalloped Thyme Potatoes, their friends Bob and Jody brought the incredible wine, and Freda brought the Sweet Potatoes… Let’s bring Tracy and Mark’s friends around more often because off of that was so good! I’m sure I’m forgetting something but it was all so yummy…

We all sat between two tables and enjoyed our delicious dinner with amazing red wine and a beautiful toast and prayer from Pete (Tracy & Mark’s son). Tulips are my new favorite flower… Trace had the tables decorated so beautifully simple with the red and yellow ones in clear vases. I was all heart-eyes… They’re just so pretty.

“There are 16 people and 16 carrot bundles - if you take more than one I’ll kill you!” hahaha…

LOVE this shot of Pops and Carla… So happy!

Tyler’s brother Jarod and his beautiful girlfriend Orchid…


Bob & Jody, who were so fun to sit next to and get to know during dinner…


Tyler and Uncle Mark… I just love how close we all are!

Uncle Buck (aka Matt, Dan’s brother) and his daughter Kellie… We missed you Cheryl!!!


Cheers! To family, love, and our undeserving blessing of Christ’s Resurrection. <3

Afterwards, it was time for dessert, particularly cake for Dan (my FIL) and Tracy’s birthdays, both in April. Carla (my lady-in-law) made Tracy a yummy pear and almond cake and Tracy made a carrot cake for Dan, his fave. Tyler and I made the cookies and everything was absolutely scrummy, as Mary Berry would say…

After cake, cookies, and coffee, we all ventured out on the patio, catching up with each other and relaxing with Bloody Marys and sunshine. It was a perfect way to spend the day. :)

Cute shot of Pops and Ty… And the one below of Tracy with her dear girlfriends Freda and Kristen.

It’s impossible to get everyone looking and smiling at the same time, but we tried!


Hope all of you had as much of a lovely Easter as we did! Thanks to our loving family for making it special. We missed everyone on the Cook/Morrison/Elsmo (my) side! That’s what’s hard about holidays, trying to see everyone at once… But we’ll see everyone soon, I’m sure! :)

Happy Easter, everyone!

A Springtime Styled Shoot - Outdoor Tablescape

This is a fun time of year before weddings kick off in full swing, where vendors and creatives come together to showcase their work in a collaborative way.

I had the privilege of connecting with these lovely ladies (and gentlemen - Neil of Barnes Farmhouse Tables! and Mark, events manager!) at Overhills Mansion in Catonsville, Maryland to highlight ways holiday hosts could set their Easter table or springtime setting for a gathering… particularly dessert.

Jenna and Elizabeth of Little Bit Heart created this whimsically sweet invitation for us! They’re so talented and have such a fresh fun style. I gave them my vision and they executed it perfectly!



Meet Alyssa of Rogue Petal Co! She just started her faux floral company after designing the flowers for her own wedding, and is off to such an amazing start! She’s driven, full of ideas, and juuust a touch of edge to make your vision unique and not completely like all of the others… I swear I had no clue the flowers on her Instagram feed were faux at first… She’s definitely taking the whole faux flower thing to a new level! She’s awesome, definitely check her out!



Marcie Lenick, of Celebrating Love by Marcie, is, what I like to call, the fairy godmother of styling. Whatever you need, she’s got it, and knows just how to make it look beautiful. Marcie styled Tyler’s and my vow renewal and we were completely blown away by what she put together for us. Plus, she’s just so kind and giving, focuses on each of her couples and projects as if they were the only thing she was working on.



And this is Allie of Bramble Baking Co. If you ordered your cake from a magical woodland pixie, her cake is what you’d get. I’m totally in love with her style and the way she not only decorates her cakes and pies, but the botanical and nature-inspired combination of ingredients and perfectly balanced flavors… She’s down to earth and just so talented!



Missy and Neil, owners of Barnes Farm Tables are simply wonderful people! Neil brought his handmade farm table and chairs for us to use for the shoot. If you remember when I hosted my sister-in-law’s bridal shower back in the late summer last year, I used their tables and chairs and just fell in love with the quality, their responsiveness, and customer service! They delivered and set up everything for us, and made sure we were completely satisfied. They have a wide variety of tables and chairs to choose from also!



Once the table was set and all of the girls had finished their touches, it was time for me to pop in and shoot! After I’d captured each detail, it was time for Allie to cut the cake for us… It was amazing!

And a huge thanks to Julia and her staff at Overhills Mansion for so generously allowing us to come crash their front lawn for the afternoon. :)


Follow along with our vendors on social media!

Table & chairs: @barnesfarmtables
Cake: @bramblebakes 
Styling: @celebratinglovebymarcie
Photography: @kirstensmithphotography
Invitation: @littlebitheart 
Flowers: @roguepetalco 
Venue: @whitehousecaterers