Julia & Corey : Winter Cork Factory Hotel Wedding | Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Julia and Corey planned the perfect winter wedding, elegant and timeless yet relaxed and easy going with the perfect hint of Christmas… And the Cork Factory Hotel in Lancaster was such a beautiful backdrop. Julia handmade her invitations and did such an amazing job, I love the rustic stamping and rich color tones… And her gorgeous jewelry and hair pins from BHLDN were stunning accents to her timeless gown. I just love her taste!

While Julia and the girls were starting on hair and makeup, Corey and the guys were getting dressed, hanging out, having a few drinks and trying to figure out how to fold the perfect pocket square, all while bustin out moves to ‘90’s hip hop… I knew from that moment the dance floor would be awesome later that evening… :) They were hilarious and so fun to hang out with while getting ready.

Back in the Bridal Suite, Julia and the girls were equally as fun… So many laughs, stories being told, and even excerpts from an old fortune book. Julia’s my kinda girl with a smile on her face and whiskey in her glass… :)

It was drizzling outside so we snapped a few photos under the canopy before heading to St. Joseph’s down the street to get hitched! These girls are simply gorgeous…

The interior of the church was absolutely breathtaking… The dim lighting during the ceremony gave such an intimate feel, and I loved the arches and rich color tones inside. Julia’s mom, Mary Lynn, walked her down the aisle so proudly, taking in the moment step by step. I’m very close with Mary Lynn so I may have shed a tear or two once those church doors opened… <3

We were happy that the rain stopped in time for a few outdoor portraits before it was time for Cocktail Hour… Julia you are just gorgeous!

Together they have their little son Jack, who was dressed all fresh in his suit for the ceremony, but once it ended, it was PJ’s time! He was snuggling upstairs with a sitter at the hotel during the reception… :) Isn’t he the cutest??


The Cork Factory is so cozy and warm with the red brick and dim lighting - the perfect setting for a winter wedding. I loved the Christmas tree decorated with wood cut-out ornaments for everyone to take home with them. :) Their guests mingled and enjoyed the delicious spread of olives, cheese, mini sliders, and signature drinks! And the beautiful ballroom candles were lit and waiting for guests to come sit down for dinner…

Julia had a really sweet dance with her brother after she and Corey’s first dance, and he shared a special song with his mom… And the speeches from their besties were so funny and had everyone laughing. The dance floor was an absolute blast and I loved watching everyone have fun!

Congrats to the new Mr. & Mrs! I loved being part of your day and wish you nothing but the absolute best!

Makeup // Jenny B Hair & Beauty
Venue // Cork Factory Hotel, St. Joseph’s
Dress // BLHDN

Brittany & Nick : Vintage-inspired Summer Wedding | Gettysburg, PA

It's like their love story came straight from a storybook... They met in a bar, while Brit and her friend were casually getting a drink. Brit's friend knew him through her older brothers, so she introduced them and they all chatted for a while... A few days later, he came into the bar where she worked and asked her to have a drink one night. She was reluctant to say yes at first, but was glad she did when they closed the bar down, talking for hours and hours getting to know each other. He left a couple days later (Nick is a Major in the Air Force) and she headed back to Nashville to continue her dream of becoming a singer-songwriter. That next Christmas, they both came home and spent every moment together, taking things slow though during the months thereafter. By the following year, they were a couple and couldn't deny the connection they shared. 

They spent the next five years in a long-distance relationship, spending date nights FaceTiming and watching movies together over the phone. Texts, calls, and letters kept their relationship strong, and their bond continued to grow. These two are such romantics too, which I love. And not the cheesy kind, but the everything happens for a reason and each little thing has meaning kind... They love each other so deeply and it's inspiring to be around. They care so much for each other and their families and friends and wanted their wedding day to reflect that. And it did! 

Brittany got ready at her mom's home with her friends and some family members. She greeted with me with a gorgeous smile and a hug of course, with her hair curled and pinned back above her left ear, and the perfect red lip only she could pull off! Her BHLDN dress was perfectly vintage with a hint of Gatsby, just as she wanted, and fit her like a glove... And her girls' dresses were intricate and beautiful, going along with the theme. She wore her mother's pearls, and these adorable shoes she found at a thrift shop! I fell in love with her rose gold engagement ring too. And can you believe she made all of the invitations herself?

Brittany's mom Renee helped her get dressed and gave her a beautiful letter and Pandora bead, something she gifts Brittany at every special event. It was so sweet and special. Then Stacey, Nick's brother's wife (who's also an amazingly talented newborn and family photographer out of Gettysburg - who actually referred Brittany and Nick my way - thank you Stacey!!) was there of course with her daughter Bailey. They came in and gave Brit a gift from Nick, a pretty pearl bracelet. Then Brittany's dad Jamie came in to see his little girl... That moment was so sweet!

Brittany wrote a song for Nick to play during the reception and started practicing it just before leaving for the ceremony. Stacey popped her head into the doorway and started to tear up. I love Brittany's smile while she's looking at her new sister...

I headed over to Stacey's house where the ceremony and reception were going to take place in just a few hours... Family members were in every corner of the house and outside property getting the last few details together: desserts, chairs, drinks, ice, and more... Nick and the groomsmen hung out with a few beers in the living room until it was time for Brittany and Nick to do their back-to-pack personal vow reading together. Brittany made a scrapbook for Nick (she's seriously amazing and put so much work into every element of this day...) so he opened that just before their vow exchange, while Brittany was giving her song one more practice run while waiting for Nick. They didn't see each other of course, but we had them meet in Stacey's studio to exchange their sweet words together. It was so tender and precious to watch... 

It was time for the ceremony to begin, so the guests walked down into the open field where chairs were set up by a pretty canopy of beads and tulle. Brit walked down to her own recording of a Coldplay cover, "Yellow", which is her absolutely favorite color (which is why Jamie her father took it upon himself to wear a yellow bow-tie and suspenders for the wedding, how sweet is that..) so that was playing as she walked down from the house to the aisle. Nick started to cry and the moment was just breathtaking for everyone to witness. 

Their ceremony was so heart-felt and a true reflection of their faith in God and in the love they have for one another. It was beautiful.... At one point they turned around to look at everyone their, loving them and celebrating in their joy with them. Their pastor talked about how Nick is more analytical and Brit is more "fly by the seat of her pants", and together, they balance each other well. 

A family friend brought a vintage car for photos which was awesome! So after taking a couple minutes inside for a toast of champagne and to cool off from the hot sun, we took full advantage of the setting golden sun and photographed portraits by their field and the car... 

Jamie led everyone in a welcoming and thankful prayer before we all had dinner and mingled together. After some dancing, Brittany's beautiful song to Nick, and dessert (which their family members had all made!), Nick's father Bruce set off fireworks from the field for all to see! It was awesome.. Fireworks are definitely his thing! 

During the reception I had a chance to talk a bit with Brittany's dad. He said to me proudly, "you know, I'm her father so I feel biased of course, but Brittany really is the kind of person you want as your friend, or your neighbor.... She's just good people." He's so right. She just glows with kindness and a heart for other people. Nick is the same way, complimenting her perfectly.

The evening carried on with dancing, a few speeches, and all of their friend and family in fellowship together under the stars! 

I am so grateful to have been part of this day... There were so many beautiful moments I'll never forget. Nick and Brittany are definitely special and have a love that will take them to some incredible places in their life ahead. Can't wait to see what that looks like for them!


Dress: BLHDN
Designer: Mignon
Tux: Express
Bow ties: Brackish
Bridesmaids Dresses: Adrianna Papell, Adian Mattox, various
Hair & Makeup: Jess Brown, Meraki Salon
Invitations: EastCutPrintPD, Etsy (downloadable cricut template)
DJ: Chachi Angelo

Meghan & Luke : Codorus State Park Engagement Session | Hanover, Pennsylvania

When Meghan and Luke got out of the car when we met at the park, I was immediately taken with how relaxed and excited they seemed for the shoot. They were so comfortable together, and in their own skin, just smiling and laughing from the start. 

They were so open with me too, I felt like I'd known them forever after their shoot because of what they willingly shared with me about their life. I learned about their families, upbringings, values, and even some struggles.

They told me about how they first met while both working at the Westminster Panera Bread. Luke thought Meghan was the "prettiest thing he'd every seen" and kept trying to pursue her. It took her a bit before she gave into him but hasn't looked back since. 

Together they have a little boy named Branson who they just absolutely light up when they talk about. He's such a joy in their life! 

Fun fact about them: They've never not worked for the same company. When it was time to leave Panera, they both went out searching for jobs. Somehow they did it separately and both ended up working for Planet Fitness - and at the same location at that! They're just meant to be together, even on the job... :)

They just had such a sweet chemistry together, and all they wanted to do was laugh and flirt and have fun... It was so cute to watch them interact together. They just did their own thing and were so adorable doing it...

When we were standing by the boat house, they leaned in for a kiss and someone in the background jokingly yelled, "ewwww!" :) 

Luke taught Meghan how to skip rocks because she'd never done it before. After a few tries, she flung the perfect stone across the water and away it skipped! 

I absolutely can not wait to see photos from their cruise ship wedding! It's going to be so grand and relaxing and awesome! So happy that I met these two... Their future together is going to be so rich and filled with some pretty incredible things that's for sure!

Artistan/In-Studio Portrait Session | Reagan Ashley Pottery - Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Pottery has always been something that has interested me. When I was in connection with Reagan to come to her studio to photograph her at the wheel, I was thinking about so many life-parallels about her as an artist, molding the clay. I was also thinking about how soothing and relaxing this type of expression must be, and how satisfying I imagine the feeling when your piece is finally finished, having been processed through each stage, and finally ready to be on display.

I met Reagan at her resident studio in Lancaster, Pennsylvania - Lancaster Clay Studios, where you can take class or even rent a space to do your own work. The lighting inside was beautifully crisp and clean, with white walls and pottery materials tucked into every corner. Some of the artists' finished pieces are shown on display when you walk in too, which were fun to look at and see all the different styles of work. I loved Reagan's pour-over coffee cups and some of another artists' hanging planters.


As she worked, I asked Reagan questions about where she was from and what got her started in pottery. She grew up in northern Virginia and settled in PA after college with her husband of three years. She had taken a pottery class in high school and fell in love with it. She loves to make the pour-over mugs but has recently been making more vases, and has a few projects going with some local florists.

First, she starts with a weighed-out chunk of clay and kneads and works it a big until it's malleable enough to throw onto the wheel. Then, once it's on, she has a petal she pushes with her foot, similar to a sewing machine, that spins the wheel while she molds it with her hands. It's important to feel the clay as it spins, not only to shape it, but to make sure there are no air pockets or bubbles in the clay. She also has to make sure the clay contains just the right amount of moisture so that it doesn't crack but isn't too wet to topple over or deform. She worked on a little mug and then a vase while I was there. 

The tools in the box you'll see are for "trimming". After the clay piece has been formed and dries out, it gets trimmed and perfected before going into the kiln for firing and then glazing.

It was such a pleasure to meet Reagan. She's so down to earth and conversational, and has such a talent for sure. Her work can be found and purchased at