Cocktails & Creatives | Potluck Brunch - Maryland and Pennsylvania Wedding Vendors

Working for myself has so many amazing benefits and I wouldn't trade it for anything. But one thing I really do miss is the "office comradery" and banter. It feels lonely sometimes when I'm alone at my computer working, and sometimes I just need a little reminder that there are others out there feeling the same way I do. That's why I wanted to host a little brunch get-together for some local "friendors" in the industry this morning. They drove from near and far, bringing delicious dishes along with their beautiful smiling faces.

Kelly of Petals by the Shore brought gorgeous floral arrangements for us, perfectly pale pink with roses, tulips, and ranunculus... Everyone brought such amazing dishes too. Marcie made homemade orange scones, Mary brought a homemade egg casserole, Becky came with a delicious arugula salad, just to name a few... 

I felt so blessed to look around and see everyone mingling together, enjoying themselves, and just spending much needed GIRL TIME together. So grateful for all of these women and am so excited to get together again in the future! I think it's safe to say that this should be an annual thing, if not more often! I feel so refreshed having spent my morning with these women. Lots of love to each of you! 

Left to Right...
Blair Roberts, Sweet Blossoms (florist)
Becky Hadeed, Susie and Becky (photographer)
Kelly Shore, Petals by the Shore (florist)
Julianne Du Four, Petal Patch Farm (flower farmer)
Dana O'Sullivan, Della Blooms (florist)
Mary Brunst, Mary Brunst Photography
Jenn Fitzpatrick, Full Heart Photography
Marcie Lenick, Celebrating Love by Marcie (planner/designer/stylist)
Lindsey Markle, Lindsey Markle Photography
Lindsay Morgan, The Printed Palm (lettering/design)
Lauren Myers Gnip, Lauren Myers Photography
Tori Nefores, Tori Nefores Photography
...and me!