Nance & Clint - Mercersburg Inn Wedding, Mercersburg, Pennsylvania

Clint & Nance were married in one of the cutest churches I've ever seen, that sat on a little hill on the corner of a Pennsylvania country crossroads. Family and friends gathered together to decorate and prepare for the ceremony to begin, greeting one another and anticipating the union of two of the most cherished people in their lives. 

It was such a hot summer day but with the church windows open and fan programs for the guests, we all stayed cool and comfortable during the ceremony. Nance teased Clint by walking passed the doorway of the sanctuary a couple times, smiling at him from the other end of the aisle until it was time for her to come down - which was just so sweet... Her gown and earrings were from BHLDN - so timeless and beautiful! Their children made up the bridal party too, which was such a special touch.

After the ceremony, everyone drove a few miles away to the Mercersburg Inn for dinner, dessert, and dancing!