Dog-walking Business

Canine to Five | Premium Dog Care Service - Baltimore, Maryland

Some of you may have caught our Instagram Stories featuring some fun behind the scenes moments from this shoot! I had such a blast with Chrissy and her dog-walking chicks and their four-legged clients... Canine to Five's brand new website is launching this spring and I can't wait to see all of their new content come together! Photographing for them was so much fun and I'm excited to share a few of my favorites from the day with you...

Chrissy (centered below) put together a beautiful spread of lunch for the girls to enjoy while getting their portraits taken and playing with the pups!

Chrissy and her team have such a love for dogs, and a yearning to teach dog owners about how to be the most they can be for their furry friends. Follow along with Canine to Five on Instagram (@caninetofivebaltimore) as they launch their new brand in a few weeks and share all about fun local things to do with our pups and all the ways we can love them even more!

"Yappy Hour" with Canine to Five @ Diamondback Brewery in Locust Point - Baltimore, Maryland

It's Friday night. You want to go out and cheers to the weekend with a few friends and grab a beer so you gather your things and grab your coat. As you put it on and pick up your keys, you look down to say goodbye to your pup... They look up at you with their big loving eyes, so sad you're leaving - again! - and basically beg you to bring them along while wagging their tail and cocking their head at you just longing to be with you after a long week at home alone. 

Dang it! Is there anywhere I can do both - enjoy a couple drinks and bring my pup along?? Well yes, actually, there is...

Diamondback Brewery! You can bring your dog along, chill in the tap room or hang out under the cafe lights on the patio after you've ordered a beer. 

Chrissy Wohltmann, owner of Canine to Five, a premium dog care company in the Baltimore area, sponsored their "Yappy Hour" and came with a dog bar for the pups with treats and delicious morsels for them to enjoy. Everyone who came was able to make a little baggie for their dogs! It was so cute. The girls of Canine to Five offer dog walking, pet-sitting, training, and more!

I really enjoyed spending time with Chrissy and her team and capturing the night. The atmosphere was laid back and the beer was delicious - I tried the Baltic Porter. :) Hope you enjoy a little recap of the event!