Kelly & Jimmy : Riding Bikes & Coffee Shop Date | Washington, DC Engagement Session

Kelly and Jimmy are just adorable… They are so effortlessly sweet and fun to get to know! Traveling together is one of their favorite things to do. They both did the Peace Corps, though in different countries, but have been to Cuba, Mexico, Utah, and most all of the east coast together. And when I learned that they also love cooking, I knew we’d get along great! We all know I’m a wanna be chef when I’m not behind the camera… :) Kelly and Jimmy have a goal of cooking a meal from every country in the world - how cool is that??

We met in DC, on the block where Kelly used to live, for their engagement shoot. It was such a cute street with so many porches decorated for fall with pumpkins and spider webs. She and Jimmy used to bike all around DC together, even to work in the mornings, so bringing their bikes along for the shoot was a perfect way to tell their story. Kelly works further outside of the city now but Jimmy still bikes to work each day!

We started at the cutest little park heading to Big Bear Cafe for tea… Big Bear was awesome with so much texture, greenery, and character. There was even a vegetable stand out front where you could pick up some fresh produce. I loved it there!

I just loved this little date night so much! They planned it all so perfectly and we had so much fun together… Can’t wait for their wedding next September!