Engagement Sessions

Kristen & Jonathan : Winter Baltimore Inner Harbor Engagement Session - Baltimore City, Maryland

These two are such an adorable couple and such a breath of fresh air! They’re happy, sweet, so joyful, fresh, fun, and popular! I posted an insta-story during our shoot and got so many DM’s saying “yay! I know them!” which was so cute…

They wanted to photograph around the Baltimore Inner Harbor so I headed down early to scout things out before meeting up with them! I enjoyed walking around, people watching, and appreciating the fresh crisp, cold winter air. It feels good to be invigorated outside like that sometimes!

We decided to meet outside of Barnes & Nobles bookstore, where we both started and finished the session. It was literally about 18º out but we braved it! They rocked it out, snuggled up together, and made it look so unbelievably effortless! The sun was out so that helped a bit, and the buildings were blocking the wind… so it was easier to pretend it was like 30º instead. :)

They’re just the cutest… Kristen was just glowing and so pretty in her pink dress!

I love the shot of them running towards the seagulls! We had such a fun time walking around and getting to know each other. Jonathan loves to read, and his favorite ice cream is vanilla, but sometime’s he’ll venture out and add sprinkles on top. :) Kristen’s more adventurous with her palette and likes Butter Pecan, hehe. They love staying in together and cozying up with a movie on the sofa rather than going out, but when they do they make it count and do something really nice!

We finished up with grabbing a coffee at the Starbucks in Barnes & Nobles, and browsing the books a bit for something specific Jon was looking for… I loved that big window we found on the second level of the bookstore!

I just love these two and can not WAIT for their wedding this September! :) :)

Kelly & Jimmy : Riding Bikes & Coffee Shop Date | Washington, DC Engagement Session

Kelly and Jimmy are just adorable… They are so effortlessly sweet and fun to get to know! Traveling together is one of their favorite things to do. They both did the Peace Corps, though in different countries, but have been to Cuba, Mexico, Utah, and most all of the east coast together. And when I learned that they also love cooking, I knew we’d get along great! We all know I’m a wanna be chef when I’m not behind the camera… :) Kelly and Jimmy have a goal of cooking a meal from every country in the world - how cool is that??

We met in DC, on the block where Kelly used to live, for their engagement shoot. It was such a cute street with so many porches decorated for fall with pumpkins and spider webs. She and Jimmy used to bike all around DC together, even to work in the mornings, so bringing their bikes along for the shoot was a perfect way to tell their story. Kelly works further outside of the city now but Jimmy still bikes to work each day!

We started at the cutest little park heading to Big Bear Cafe for tea… Big Bear was awesome with so much texture, greenery, and character. There was even a vegetable stand out front where you could pick up some fresh produce. I loved it there!

I just loved this little date night so much! They planned it all so perfectly and we had so much fun together… Can’t wait for their wedding next September!

Jordan & Brian : Laid Back Engagement Session | Towson, Maryland

I love these two! They have an infectiously fun vibe that makes you want to just forget about anything you have to do and just kick back with a cocktail or two and have some fun just being. But their care-free spirits don't mean they don't also get things done! Jordan just graduated with her Bachelors on top of working three jobs, and Brian works hard in commercial real estate, which is what my husband does and I know that line of work takes a lot of time and effort! I had so much fun with them and am excited to share my favorite images from their shoot and tell a bit about their story...

They met the Kent House Irish Pub in Towson, Maryland where Jordan's worked for over 6 years now. When they met and were getting to know each other, they discovered the fact that they had a love for rugby in common, and that Jordan's dad coached Brian. They may have even played rugby together as kids and din't even know it, and are still currently on the hunt for potentially proving photographs. :) Rugby is still a big part of their lives now. Fitz plays for the Baltimore Chesapeake RFC, and Jordan does the social media for his team. He's won Player's Choice and Most Valuable Back for two years in a row! 

They've been dating for over 5 years as of 4/21 and plan to get married on 4/20 next year which is special to be married just about to the date that you officially became a couple. Together they have an adorable black lab Ruca who came along for the shoot of course. They love to bar hop around Baltimore, go to the beach, and eat seafood... but their favorite thing to do is laugh

So once I arrived, they ordered cheese fries and a couple of Guinness draughts (they have such great taste) and I'm not gonna lie, it all looked pretty dang delish... especially the beer! They hung out together and shared a couple of whiskeys, loved on Ruca a bit, and snuggled in the cute little window seat...

Afterwards, we headed to Loch Raven reservoir to watch as the sun set. Ruca came for the first little bit, but then Fitz put her back in their truck so they could finish out the session together more intimately... 

Ruca loved sniffing all of the smells and watching the geese so much that she jumped out of the back truck window (that they thought was closed, thank God she was safe because they'd parked across the road from where we were, but I'm sure she looked both ways before crossing......). We looked up and saw this black blur bolting back down to the water! Knowing she was safe, it was hilarious, but Fitz had to catch her and take her back up to the truck. She was so disappointed and just wanted to explore... lol!

We finished out the session with a little fun in the water, tossing the rugby ball around of course, which ironically said "Guinness" on it, and enjoyed the sun set... 

The scene was literally out of the notebook movie or something... It was beautiful. I am so happy to photograph for these two and can't wait for April to come!! Their day is going to be so much fun and I can hardly stand to wait for it! 

Meghan & Luke : Codorus State Park Engagement Session | Hanover, Pennsylvania

When Meghan and Luke got out of the car when we met at the park, I was immediately taken with how relaxed and excited they seemed for the shoot. They were so comfortable together, and in their own skin, just smiling and laughing from the start. 

They were so open with me too, I felt like I'd known them forever after their shoot because of what they willingly shared with me about their life. I learned about their families, upbringings, values, and even some struggles.

They told me about how they first met while both working at the Westminster Panera Bread. Luke thought Meghan was the "prettiest thing he'd every seen" and kept trying to pursue her. It took her a bit before she gave into him but hasn't looked back since. 

Together they have a little boy named Branson who they just absolutely light up when they talk about. He's such a joy in their life! 

Fun fact about them: They've never not worked for the same company. When it was time to leave Panera, they both went out searching for jobs. Somehow they did it separately and both ended up working for Planet Fitness - and at the same location at that! They're just meant to be together, even on the job... :)

They just had such a sweet chemistry together, and all they wanted to do was laugh and flirt and have fun... It was so cute to watch them interact together. They just did their own thing and were so adorable doing it...

When we were standing by the boat house, they leaned in for a kiss and someone in the background jokingly yelled, "ewwww!" :) 

Luke taught Meghan how to skip rocks because she'd never done it before. After a few tries, she flung the perfect stone across the water and away it skipped! 

I absolutely can not wait to see photos from their cruise ship wedding! It's going to be so grand and relaxing and awesome! So happy that I met these two... Their future together is going to be so rich and filled with some pretty incredible things that's for sure!