We’ve included some details about how to prep for your session, the best travel route, the parking situation, and more!



i’m not too familiar with the city. what’s the best way to get there?

I’m from the country so anytime I do city driving with all of the one-ways and stoplights, I want to make sure I’m well prepared with my navigation! :) My favorite way to get to Haven Street is via 83, taking President St. down into the city, then making a left onto Eastern Ave., driving straight out past Patterson Park until you hit Haven Street. Make a left onto Haven and it’ll be a few blocks up on the right. You’ll see a large warehouse with “Urban Axes Baltimore” and “Monument City Brewing Co.” on the right, then it’ll turn to white brick where you’ll see a sign for “Haven Street Ballroom - Catering Entrance”. Keep going!! You’ll be making a right turn into a gated lot that you’ll follow around to the right, which is where a large gravel parking lot will be. Parking is free! Head down until you see the above colorful entrance to Haven Street Ballroom, park, and come on in! If you’re coming from 95/Pulaski Highway, you’ll be turning left into the lot before the large warehouse.

Where exactly is the venue? GOOGLE MAPS

what if we arrive late?

We won’t be able to extend your session time, due to the nature of the day’s structure with sessions being scheduled back-to-back. Please do your best to leave with enough time to arrive about 10 minutes before your scheduled session time. :) If you happen to arrive late, we’ll use however much time is left in your time slot to photograph and totally rock it out!

can we bring an outfit change?

There simply won’t be time for outfit changes. However, if you’re booking one of the solo portrait/headshot sessions and wish to take up some of your time switch your look up a bit, feel free to bring an additional outfit, sure!

what if i’m interested in ordering cards with my images?

Photos from your session will be perfect for Mother’s Day gifts, Spring Holiday Cards, and more! I’ve actually partnered with BasicInvite.com so if you place an order through them and use coupon code “kirstensmith” at checkout, you’ll save 30% on your order!