Meet Mary ...

Mary and I have been friends for over a decade! She lives just north of Baltimore, Maryland with her husband, cat, dog, two year old son, and another little one on the way! She loves to do puzzles and spend time with her family.

As the self-proclaimed "KSP Transportation Logistics Manager", Mary has saved my bum on so many occasions. Whether it's been helping to navigate around the city, driving us to our next location so I can take a few minutes to review the timeline and collect my thoughts, moving cars for members of the bridal party so they don't have to do it while they're a little toasted at the end of the night, or saving a parking space for me in the middle of Federal Hill so I can just zip right up to the venue without walking blocks and blocks with my gear - she is an absolute lifesaver! Not to mention her ever-growing photography skills... She's such a gem. Happy to help, and always thinking about what I need before I even know that I do!


... and this is Jen!

Jen joined the team in 2014! She lives south of Hanover, Pennsylvania with her husband and their two daughters. When she's not at work, she loves spending time with her family, taking her toddler on mommy-and-me activities, staying active during the summer, and skiing in the winter! She's also involved in local volunteering!

Jen is all about the details! She's always one step ahead of me, with the Bride's jewelry, invitation, and shoes all ready to photograph, with items checked off - letting me know what's next on the timeline, she keeps me focused when I need it the most! Attentive and observant, she makes sure that our Groomsmen's ties are straight, the ribbons on the Bridesmaid's bouquets are facing the camera, and that there no background obstructions in the photos while I work. She's such a ray of sunshine! Reliable, helpful, and just the sweetest! 

A little peek BEHIND THE SCENES...