About Kirsten

I've been a photographer for pretty much all my life and remember getting my very first "real" camera for my 10th birthday. I'm very down-to-earth and love to keep things sweet, simple, and easy-going.

If you're familiar with these personality tests and their incredible accuracy, I'm a Myers-Briggs type ESFJ - the "Consul", and an Enneagram type 1 wing 2 - the "Perfectionist". I'm naturally someone who likes to have a good time, mingle and get to know others, is attentive to the little details, and strives to make sure everything is as it should be.

When I’m not photographing, I like to…

  • Practice Yoga

  • Paint, draw, and crochet (with a little quilting in the winter)

  • Spend quality time with our family

  • Go exploring in nature with Tyler and Bax

  • Create in the kitchen

  • Hang out on our back patio, strung with cafe lights under a canopy of trees, on a Friday night with friends, with the fire going and a glass (or two) of wine

I've been in the wedding and portrait photography business world for about eight years now. Being an entrepreneur and photographer drives me to strive for more, be better, and continue doing what I love. I couldn't be more grateful and wouldn't trade it for anything. 

If you're interested in photos or would like to connect, please reach out!



All things Hygge (look it up)
Fresh Flowers
Shop Terrain
Cook Books
Pumpkin Pie
Stouts, Cabernet, & Bourbon in the fall
Light Beer, Vodka & Juice, & Gin in the summer
Fruits & Veggies
Grilled Food
Norweigan Folk Art
Holiday Baking
Long Walks with Bax
Fresh Air
Small Plates restaurants so I can try a little of everything
Lilacs, succulents, and of course peonies
Christmas Ornaments
Essential Oils
Indian Food
Food in general...
Anything Hobbit-inspired
House Plants
Clean Eating
Toxin-free Living
Vintage Mushroom Kitchenware
Movies: Flyaway Home, Mama Mia, Princess Bride
Cuddling & Snuggling
Chip & JoAnna
Wrapping & Giving Gifts
White sheets and blankets
Most anything made out of felt
Family Traditions
Zeppelin, Supertramp, Steely Dan, Eagles
The Hip Abduction, Tribal Seeds, SOJA, Sublime
Adele and I are BFF's
Decaf latte with Almond Milk
Spring, Summer, and Fall
The sound of the laundry going while windows are open and birds are singing
Cozy rainy days at home
Cute little boutique shops
Patchouli, Sage, Nag Champa
Amazon Prime
Night Swimming
Hanging out on our back patio
Target Runs


The sound of someone biting their nails
The sounds that go on in the movie theater in-between previews or during quiet parts
Super sweet foods
Overly emotional slow music, sorry but zzzzz..
Poorly recorded cover songs
Anything hung on a wall that isn't straight
Poor customer service
Sitting in traffic