All things Hygge (look it up)
Fresh Flowers
Favorite Word: "Cozy"
Shop Terrain
Cook Books
Pumpkin Pie
Stouts, Cabernet, & Bourbon in the fall
Light Beer, Vodka & Fruit Juice, & Gin in the summer
Fresh Green Moss
Fruits & Veggies
Norweigan Folk Art
Holiday Baking
Long Walks with Bax
Fresh Air
Small Plates restaurants so I can try a bunch of stuff
Lilacs, succulents, and of course peonies like all of us girls
Christmas Ornaments
Essential Oils (Young Living.. :))
Indian Food
Food in general...
Anything Hobbitish
House Plants
Clean Eating
Toxin-free Living
Vintage Mushroom Kitchenware
Movies: Flyaway Home, Mama Mia, Princess Bride
Cuddling & Snuggling
Magnolia/Chip & JoAnna (obvi! who doesn't love them?)
Wrapping & Giving Gifts
Anything miniature is SO cute
White sheets and blankets
Traditions of any kind
Zeppelin, Supertramp, Steely Dan, Eagles
Tribal Seeds, SOJA, Sublime
Coheed & Cambria (only in the fall though)
Adele and I are BFF's (I wish)
Mark Wahlberg
Decaf Coffee
Spring, Summer, Fall, and when it's snowing..
When the house is freshly cleaned and vacuumed
The sound of the laundry going while windows are open and birds are singing
Cozy rainy days at home
Cute little boutique shops
Patchouli, Sage, Nag Champa
Amazon Prime
Night Swimming
Hanging out on our back patio
Jeeps! I drive a Grand Cherokee, Tyler has a Compass, and we've had our Wrangler for years
Hugs - I hug everyone
Target (duh)


When someone's moving around in the kitchen while I'm trying to prep and cook

Snakes - I seriously FREAK out


Rubbery-textured food like Octopus

The sound of someone biting their nails

The sounds that go on in the movie theater in-between previews or during quiet parts

Anything overly sweet - Sugar in general, really..

Socks/shoes - only wear when necessary, can hardly stand thinking about it!

Overly emotional slow music, sorry but zzzzz..

Ice in my water (room temp, pls)

Intense movies or ones that have repeated gunshots, I just can't stand it. If I'm going to spend time sitting on my butt watching a movie, I prefer a positive one. :)

Cover songs, like songs not sung the original way by the original singer...

Repeated sounds like an alarm or buzzer or something especially when I can't turn it off

Jethro Tull, as much as my husband tries to get to me to like them, I'm sorry I just can't

Being anywhere near a hospital or doctor's office OMG

Anything hung on a wall that isn't straight

Cats, sorry but I just don't understand them

Negative people

Arrogant people

Sitting in bumper to bumper traffic

People who don't hold the door for the person behind them going into a store or somewhere. So rude...

Driving late at night by myself

Fast Food - YUCK ew gross (except for the occasional Chick Fil A)

I feel so whiny typing this, but I really do love most everything! :)