I love to photograph people who believe that sweet friends and family, good food and cheer, and the simplest of blessings are what make life so abundantly rich.

DOCUMENTARY STYLE WITH ARTISTIC DIRECTION & the slightest bit of structure

I want the moment to unfold naturally without the inauthentic and awkward posing, but even models need a bit of guidance sometimes. We'll photograph in the prettiest most dreamy light we can find, and make the absolute most out of each moment we share together.

the importance of a photograph

It's safe to say that most people recognize the importance of taking pictures and the value an image holds, especially for future generations as time passes by. Photos give us a window into the past, as a real-life time capsule, almost more precious than our actual memories themselves. We want to remember our present, so we take pictures. We know we'll one day appreciate our past, so we take pictures. And we want to be remembered in our future, so what do we do? We take pictures.


Pictures give comfort, draw emotion, inspire smiles, solve crimes, determine winners, evoke feelings, jog memories, enlighten our senses, tell stories, and create art, allowing people to see the world through someone else's perspective in a way that only a photograph can.



Sunday, April 7th, starting at 11:00 am in Baltimore

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It's pronounced "Keer-stin". 

If you mispronounce it, that's OK, we can still be friends. :)

My husband Tyler and I met as super-young kiddos in church and grew up about two miles from each other, rode the bus together through high school, and were really close growing up. Just over twelve years ago we realized we were meant to be more than friends, and then became Mr. & Mrs. Smith in August of 2010. I'm a dog-mommy to Baxter who just turned five, and we all live an our cute and cozy little pink house, just over the Maryland line in Hanover, Pennsylvania...