HI, I'M KIRSTEN    Pronounced: "Keer-stin"   I live just north of the central Maryland-Pennsylvania line in a cute little blush-pink cottage with my hubby Tyler and our pup, Bax.  When I'm not behind the camera, you can find me cooking up new recipes in our kitchen or snuggling on the sofa reading up on natural and organic living, the latest Magnolia journal, or catching up on This is Us. I may also be out on a hike with Tyler and Baxter too, or perhaps crocheting or painting...  My money is often invested in Anthropologie, Rifle Paper Co., and Williams Sonoma. I love to collect adorably printed dish towels, felted Christmas-tree ornaments, unique little bowls and plates (my corner cupboard is about to burst!), essential oils, and cookbooks.  In addition to my photography business, I have a Health & Wellness inspiration blog called  Sunflower & Fig  where I share all about living a balanced holistic lifestyle, essential oils, and yummy recipes. I'd love for you to check it out if it's something that interests you.  I'd love the chance to connect with you!   - K     A FEW OF MY FAVORITE THINGS:

Hi, I'm Kirsten...

I'm a Maryland girl, born and raised, living in a little pink cottage just over the state line in Hanover, Pennsylvania with my husband Tyler and our dog Bax.

If you're familiar with these personality tests and their incredible accuracy, I'm a Myers-Briggs type ESFJ - the "Consul", and an Enneagram type 1 wing 2 - the "Perfectionist". I'm naturally someone who likes to have a good time, mingle and get to know others, is attentive to the little details, and strives to make sure everything is as it should be. My personality shows through my work because I like to keep photographs authentic and true to the moment, but set up as perfectly as can be, in the most ideal location with the prettiest light and background as possible. :) 

As a sentimental sap, I love anything that comes along with a story to tell. The holidays and changes in seasons make my heart feel so alive because it gives me the chance to not only host and cook for those I love, but to also carry on our cherished family traditions. 

I consider myself to be a minimalist because to me, less is more - but what I do surround myself with are things that make my senses smile... Like funky dish towels, cute little serving bowls, warm twinkly lights, colorful organic fruits and veggies, the sound of chill reggae vibes, and fresh flowers and plants - lots and lots of plants. 

In my free time, I keep a women's health and wellness blog updated with inspiration on self-love, finding balance, and holistic natural living called Sunflower & Fig, and love to practice yoga. I'm also a consultant for Young Living Essential Oils and believe so wholeheartedly in the powerful properties, and use in multiple ways on the daily. Painting and crocheting are also a few things I love doing to express a little creativity from time to time. Tyler and I love spending time in nature and taking Bax to the lake, seeing live music, and going out to dinner, but our favorite place to be together is home. Our back patio, strung with cafe lights under a canopy of trees, is our favorite spot to spend a Friday night with friends, chiminea-fireside with a glass (or two) of red wine. 

I've been in the wedding and portrait photography business world for about eight years now. Being an entrepreneur drives me to strive for more, be better, and do what I love. I'm passionate about working for myself because it's a challenge, it's unique, and it's flexible. I wouldn't trade it for anything. I love taking pictures and have done so since I was a little girl, so naturally a photography business is what God's intended for me and I couldn't be more grateful.

If you're interested in photos and feel as though I'm someone you'd connect well with, please reach out - I'd love to talk with you!



Sunflower & fig

Holistic Wellness & Natural Living Inspiration

I'm so passionate about whole foods, essential oils, cycle-syncing, and toxin-free living and love to share about what I learn and implement in my own life with those who are interested in joining me on this journey.