Esther & Alex : Patterson Park Engagement Session | Baltimore, Maryland

Esther and Alex had their first date at Patterson Park, so naturally it was the perfect place for their Engagement Shoot. We photographed on the first nice day of the season in 75° weather and it was so unbelievably nice and refreshing to be out in such gorgeous weather. After I parked, I walked around watching dogs playing fetch, kids picking flowers and playing on the playground, and lots of runners. Everyone was out enjoying the weather!

These two are super cute. They have a dog named Max (that looks so much like my dog, Bax!), and a sassy cat named Minerva. They love to travel together, enjoying destinations like Acadia, Maine, and Iceland - so cool! Together they check out new restaurants around Baltimore, favoring hot spots like Clavel and Thames Street Oyster!

Their wedding is this coming November at the Baltimore Museum of Industry! Hope you enjoy a few favorites of mine from their session! :)

Danielle & Ben : Colorful Personalized DIY Wedding at Wyndridge Farms | Dallastown, Pennsylvania

I met Danielle and Ben for a beer at one of my favorite spots in Hanover, Warehouse Gourmet. They too live in Hanover and love to eat there, so we thought it was the perfect spot to sit down and get to know each other before the wedding day! We ended up hanging out for over two hours, talking about things we like, have in common, and of course - the wedding details! 

These two are some of the most inventive, creative, artistic people I've ever met! Their goal for the wedding was for it to be a mix of everything they love - all of their favorite things - and it was! Danielle is an artist and loves to create. Her mind was just bursting with so many ideas of things to incorporate into the decor, many of which had special meaning behind them. 

As the months went on, Danielle and Ben would update me on how things were going with their handmade creations for the big day. I was completely blown away with how much they were able to accomplish together! They are such a team. I can't wait to share all of this with you... Wait until you see what they have made! 

The wedding day was chilly and a bit windy, but sun filled the sky with hardly any clouds! Everyone got ready at Wyndridge Farm before heading back to Hanover for their beautiful church ceremony. 

I love how the bridal party all wore socks with fox on them, representing the Wyndridge logo! Every detail of the day had a representation behind it! :)

I rode in the limo with the girls to the church which was super fun! Danielle and Ben created paper flowers for the church pews... 

Their reception details were exquisitely created from the table number "paint brushed" cards to the paper cut-out topiary flowers... The table numbers were books that Danielle and Ben made themselves, including their "Bride and Groom" book that sat on their sweetheart table, made out of a football encyclopedia - the only book they could find large enough to fold all of the pages to read "Bride and Groom"! Every book was covered, and each page measured, and folded... themselves. They also created Lego sets of every milestone in their relationship. The day they met, their first date, moving in together, the proposal, and the wedding day... unbelievably creative! Paper lotus flower lantern cups were spread throughout the tables, that of course they made, and everywhere you looked, there was something unique and different that represented things they loved. Danielle said it was the "biggest art project" she'd ever accomplished! Her bridesmaids helped too with items like the topiary balls and paper flower tower near the welcome sign!

We headed back to Wyndridge for the reception and popped outside to brave the chilly air for a few portraits!

Their reception was so fun... The bridal party was introduced in with a Stranger Things remix (which was awesome!) playing, along with White Wedding and Ghostbusters. After the first dance, everyone mingled and enjoyed the party! The food was delicious, the guests were loving the atmosphere, the beer, and the company.

Sodas from Wyndridge as well as homemade Macaron Cookies (made by the matron of honor and her hubby, driven down all the way from I think Wisconsin, was it??) served as favors for the guests. Gorgeous little pastries from Patisserie Poupon were served to each table too. They were absolutely beautiful!

And after dinner, we popped back out for a few portraits of course!

Best wishes to Danielle and Ben! I know your life together will be filled with adventure, fun, and vibrant joy! 

Easter 2018 | Family Traditions at Uncle Denny & Aunt Nina's

Easter finds a way to become more and more special to me each and ever year. My dad had just gotten home from surgery last year at this time, so Tyler and I decided to host and keep things small and simple. Remember I made dad's famous ham?? The holiday represented a fresh start to the new year, welcoming spring in all of it's colorful vibrancy and life after the chill and stagnancy of winter. This year, Easter came early! But it still made my heart smile. This winter has been particularly long it seems, so having the sun shine on Easter Sunday and the temps rise just a bit was such a treat, even though we're barely into April and the flowers are just beginning to bloom.

This is our first holiday celebrating without Tyler's Opa. Normally we'd spend part of the day with them, and of course my MIL Karen, and then head to my mom's sister Nina's for the rest of the day. But we thought it would be nice to do something different for Nanny this year, and give some change in the usual holiday routine. Nina and Denny always welcome anyone and everyone into their home, especially at Easter, and invite family members and friends on all sides. So of course they were welcome, and have been in the past, but this year was particularly different for Nanny, and for us too. 

So the morning started off with going to Nanny's Easter church service with her and Karen. It was very nice with a bell choir and all of my favorite rejoicing hymns... We went back to Nanny's afterwards to exchange a couple of cards and chocolates, and hopped into our cars to venture to the Morrison's! 

After everyone arrives, we come together to have prayer in a big circle out front. Everyone contributes a dish and we all sit around the house and eat while visiting while the kids play before the Easter Bunny comes (usually one of the teenagers dresses up) and the egg hunt begins! 

This year, Tyler took a big Panoramic pic of all of us before we also took a group shot in front of the house after Uncle Denny said our prayer!

Uncle Rich always does a waffles and strawberries bar which everyone absolutely loves... They are seriously the best! 

Did you see Nanny with her giant piece of Coconut Cake? She loves sweets... :) After everyone has eaten and the bunny has arrived is always my favorite part of the day. The girls (and a few gents too flow in and out) congregate on the porch with blankets and wine to talk! talk! talk! We call them "porch talks" and they are always so wonderful. 

That was Zack trying to get out of the "porch talk" with the girls that got brought inside since it got chilly, hehe... He eventually caved and stayed and talked with us! :) So did Tyler and dad too. It's always such a wonderful time to be together and bond as a family! We are all so very blessed...

Happy Easter everyone!

Canine to Five | Premium Dog Care Service - Baltimore, Maryland

Some of you may have caught our Instagram Stories featuring some fun behind the scenes moments from this shoot! I had such a blast with Chrissy and her dog-walking chicks and their four-legged clients... Canine to Five's brand new website is launching this spring and I can't wait to see all of their new content come together! Photographing for them was so much fun and I'm excited to share a few of my favorites from the day with you...

Chrissy (centered below) put together a beautiful spread of lunch for the girls to enjoy while getting their portraits taken and playing with the pups!

Chrissy and her team have such a love for dogs, and a yearning to teach dog owners about how to be the most they can be for their furry friends. Follow along with Canine to Five on Instagram (@caninetofivebaltimore) as they launch their new brand in a few weeks and share all about fun local things to do with our pups and all the ways we can love them even more!

First Day of Spring | SNOW DAY 2018

You've heard me say before that I love and appreciate each season for all of the beauty it offers. And I really do - I love where we live because we get to experience four distinct seasons of weather and everything they offer. But I have to admit, this winter has been pretty disappointing around here in the snowfall department, until the first day of spring. We were hit the hardest we've been all season and finally had our "snow day" where it felt right to kick back, relax, read a good book, make a big pot of chili, and enjoy watching out the window as it all piled up so beautiful around us. Every other snowfall (at least where we live) has hardly even amounted to an inch! So needless to say, we were anticipating this one. What's winter without a good snowfall?? I hope you enjoy a little documentary of our snowed-in couple of days! Aka pics of Baxter and me on our walk around the neighborhood... 

Hope everyone had a safe and cozy snowy week this week!